Mold is present in our everyday environment. Homes and businesses are no exception; we even consume moldy cheeses like crumbly Bleu. It is important to understand that mold can present in a number of different ways and that the threat it poses ranges from low, to moderate, to high and immediate. As with any environmental threat, it is always safest to leave the assessment to the experts.

If you see mold call the team at Kinetic. We will swiftly schedule a time to view the affected site, make an expert assessment and advise on next steps to eradicate the source, clean the affected areas and return air quality to that of the great outdoors.

A Bit About Mold

Microscopic mold spores can cause allergic reactions, rashes, congestion, and respiratory distress. Different people have varying tolerances for exposure to mold and contact most frequently affects those with compromised or weak immune systems, often the very young or very old.

Every Problem Has a Solution

If you come across mold call Kinetic first and then follow these easy steps.

Our mold remediation experts are courteous, professional, timely and caring. We pride ourselves on consistently providing the highest quality product and always exceeding customer expectations.

Common Misconceptions About Mold

It’s time to Rethink Restoration.